conquest meaning in telugu

Word: conquest
 Meaning of conquest in english - defeat, victory, enchantment, person enchanted

Meanings in telugu :

jayamu ( జయము )

Synonyms of conquest

rout annexation invasion occupation coup score success splash overthrow killing appropriation triumph discomfiture conquering win acquisition big win vanquishment takeover subjugation subjection clean sweep defeating grand slam routing subdual enthrallment adherent prize seduction follower fan enticement admirer catch worshiper supporter captivation

Antonyms of conquest

surrender loss forfeit failure yielding

Related English Telugu Meaning

consanguinityconsciousnessconsecrated thingconsecratingconsecration by prayersconsentconsented toconsequence of actionconsequenceconsequentlyconsiderconsiderationconsidered as the seat of intellect inclinationconsideringconsignedconsignmentconsistentconsisting of offerings with water and fireconsisting ofpair of leathern bottles of oilconsolation
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