consideration meaning in telugu

Word: consideration
 Meaning of consideration in english - mental analysis, concern, something mentally examined, high regard, payment

Meanings in telugu :

yōchan ( యోచన )

Synonyms of consideration

deliberation discussion attention debate scrutiny application examination study review contemplation reflection thinking forethought heed concentration cogitation development issue idea evidence difficulty plan factor proposal judgment problem exigency occurrence estate point puzzle notion emergency incident fancy magnitude extent scope perplexity situation minutiae trouble occasion items particulars respect awareness kindliness attentiveness kindness mercy friendliness mindfulness tact solicitude forbearance favor esteem estimation tolerance heedfulness thoughtfulness considerateness salary wage fee perk tip commission recompense payback percentage reward perquisite remuneration baksheesh commish

Antonyms of consideration

disregard ignorance thoughtlessness disrespect heedlessness negligence omission disdain debt neglect failure peace cruelty intolerance carelessness disapproval

Related English Telugu Meaning

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