conspiracy meaning in telugu

Word: conspiracy
 Meaning of conspiracy in english - collusion in plan

Meanings in telugu :

pitoori ( పితూరీ )

Synonyms of conspiracy

plot sedition scheme treason league fix cabal trickery hookup frame practice connivance intrigue game perfidy disloyalty treachery machination confederacy treacherousness counterplot countermine complot covin little game

Antonyms of conspiracy

ignorance honesty faithfulness

Related English Telugu Meaning

constableconstantconstantlyconstellationconstitutionconstitutionalconstructionconsultationconsume without flameconsuming fireconsummation of marriageconsumptioncontactcontainedcontaining an open area with rooms built at the corners and roofs betweencontaining eight punjamscontaining seven bushelscontainingseer and halfcontemplationcontempt
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