contrive meaning in telugu

Word: contrive
 Meaning of contrive in english - invent, design, bring about, succeed with difficulty

Meanings in telugu :

talapōyu ( తలపోయు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
contrived - prakalpitamu ( ప్రకల్పితము )

Synonyms of contrive

improvise concoct fabricate devise dream up manipulate manufacture plot fashion handle form formulate make move construct project vamp wangle plan frame hatch forge rig scheme create engineer come up with cook up make up whip up throw together trump up manage wrangle pass jockey develop machinate cogitate finagle achieve maneuver collude effect negotiate compass mastermind arrange execute shift elaborate connive swing intrigue carry out work out hit upon

Antonyms of contrive

destroy ruin raze dissuade disorganize demolish wreck forget neglect break discourage stop waste ignore remain fail lose leave alone

Related English Telugu Meaning

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