convenient meaning in telugu

Word: convenient
 Meaning of convenient in english - appropriate, useful, nearby

Meanings in telugu :

saanukoolamu ( సానుకూలము )

Synonyms of convenient

available timely beneficial good helpful advantageous conducive acceptable comfortable favorable proper agreeable user-friendly suitable handy opportune commodious accommodating adaptable adapted assisting decent fit fitted ready roomy seasonable serviceable suited contributive aiding in public interest time-saving well-planned accessible immediate adjacent adjoining at hand central close contiguous next on tap all around at elbows at fingertips close at hand close-by easy to reach in neighborhood next door nigh on deck within reach

Antonyms of convenient

inappropriate inopportune unsuitable disadvantageous harmful unpleasant hurtful injurious useless unfavorable unacceptable inconvenient ineffectual unsuited far out-of-the-way unavailable unhandy hurting unhelpful bad disagreeable mean misbehaving hindering improper awkward unadaptable distant

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