distinct meaning in telugu

Word: distinct
 Meaning of distinct in english - apparent, obvious, different, unconnected

Meanings in telugu :

spashtamu ( స్పష్టము )

Identical words :

As noun :
distinction - vibhēdamu ( విభేదము )

Synonyms of distinct

specific definite noticeable unmistakable audible categorical clean-cut clear clear-cut decided evident explicit express incisive lucid manifest marked palatable patent perspicuous plain prescribed sharp transparent trenchant unambiguous unequivocal well-defined recognizable enunciated sharp-cut offbeat dissimilar disparate separate distinctive discrete diverse various particular unique peculiar special divergent detached especial individual separated several single sole unattached disunited poles apart

Antonyms of distinct

indefinite uncertain vague indistinct ambiguous connected like resembling similar obscure fuzzy hazy undefined usual alike combined joined standard unimportant commonplace normal equal same general uniform

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