foolish meaning in telugu

Word: foolish
 Meaning of foolish in english - nonsensical, idiotic

Meanings in telugu :

vedagu ( వెడగు )

Identical words :

foolish fellow - terr ( తెర్ర )
foolish woman - vekali ( వెకలి )
foolishness - vēduru ( వేదురు )

Synonyms of foolish

insane crazy stupid irrational fantastic ludicrous unreasonable preposterous ridiculous silly absurd unwise ill-advised asinine brainless daffy daft dotty fatuous feebleminded half-baked half-witted harebrained imprudent incautious indiscreet injudicious jerky loony lunatic mad moronic nutty senseless short-sighted simple unintelligent wacky weak witless zany dippy doltish ill-considered imbecilic kooky cockamamy

Antonyms of foolish

rational sane sensible logical wise careful cautious circumspect prudent balanced reasonable sound realistic responsible smart plain practical serious thoughtful

Related English Telugu Meaning

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