fragment meaning in telugu

Word: fragment
 Meaning of fragment in english - part, chip, break into pieces

Meanings in telugu :

vrakk ( వ్రక్క )

Identical words :

fragments - tuttumuru ( తుత్తుమురు )
fragments of the table - uchchhishtamu ( ఉచ్ఛిష్టము )
fragment of rock - gandashil ( గండశిల )

Synonyms of fragment

particle chunk portion lump remnant shred bit scrap sliver shiver cut end ace minim morsel bite share gob job slice grain fraction atom crumb iota smithereen disintegrate splinter rive smash divide burst shatter crumble split disunite rend split up

Antonyms of fragment

whole entirety total lot combine mend unite complete fix

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