free meaning in telugu

Word: free
 Meaning of free in english - without charge, unrestrained personally, unrestrained politically, not busy, unoccupied, generous, unsparing, liberate, let go, take burden from

Meanings in telugu :

svatantramu ( స్వతంత్రము )

Identical words :

As noun :
freebooter - pindaari ( పిండారి )
As adjective :
freezing - shishiramu ( శిశిరము )
freedom from re-birth - apunarbhavamu ( అపునర్భవము )
freedom from sorrow - avyadh ( అవ్యధ )
freedom from disease - aarōgyamu ( ఆరోగ్యము )
free from taxation - umbaLamu ( ఉంబళము )
freespoken - gadusu ( గడుసు )
freedom from restraint - dhaaraaLamu ( ధారాళము )
freedom of will - praakaamyamu ( ప్రాకామ్యము )
freed - vimuktamu ( విముక్తము )
free from gravelas soil - metak ( మెతక )
freedom - svaatantyramu ( స్వాతంత్య్రము )
free from - vinirmuktamu ( వినిర్ముక్తము )
free from care - vishalyamu ( విశల్యము )

Synonyms of free

complimentary paper freebie handout free ride gratis gratuitous on the house unpaid unrecompensed chargeless costless for love for nothing free of cost on the cuff independent clear loose able easy unrestricted open unfettered liberal disengaged frank relaxed escaped familiar forward permitted casual fancy-free footloose informal unattached uncommitted unconfined unconstrained unimpeded unobstructed unregulated at large liberated allowed at liberty free-spirited free-wheeling off the hook on the loose unengaged unhampered untrammeled on one's own autonomous separate democratic freed sovereign self-governing autarchic individualistic emancipated enfranchised autonomic self-directing self-ruling sui juris unenslaved unregimented available unused empty unemployed spare idle extra uninhabited vacant at leisure not tied down eager willing big lavish prodigal big-hearted bountiful charitable handsome hospitable munificent bounteous open-handed unstinging parole rescue pardon relieve extricate acquit release discharge dismiss save ransom unbind loosen reprieve demobilize spring deliver absolve undo redeem untie unleash manumit bail bail out cut loose let off turn out unchain disenthrall disimprison let loose let off the hook let out put on the street set free turn loose uncage unfix exempt decontaminate disentangle disembarrass unload excuse unlade disencumber unpack unburden cast off put off

Antonyms of free

expensive high-priced bound confined restrained prevented scheduled costly hindered limited barred enslaved suppressed busy occupied mean niggardly tight-fisted tied-up unclear ambiguous vague restricted blocked closed definite reserved dependent employed necessary thrifty economical poor harm injure condemn damn sentence blame hire imprison fasten incarcerate burden compel hurt hold keep maintain engage bind fill

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