gain meaning in telugu

Word: gain
 Meaning of gain in english - acquisition, winnings, acquire, win

Meanings in telugu :

laabhamu ( లాభము )

Identical words :

gained - sampraaptamu ( సంప్రాప్తము )

Synonyms of gain

advance cut return advantage profit hike rise share yield improvement increase benefit growth earnings income dividend payoff boost proceeds achievement progress gravy velvet lucre addition accrual produce advancement attainment accretion headway take increment buildup emolument accumulation receipts upping secure obtain have build up make pick up score get reach promote reap realize expand collect ameliorate parlay perfect capture accomplish glean enlarge net complete annex procure overtake harvest land augment clear gather enlist succeed consummate fulfill bring in rack up make a killing move forward

Antonyms of gain

stagnation debt disadvantage hindrance loss decrease harm hurt injury diminishment misfortune reduction shrinkage stoppage expenditure forfeit forfeiture failure handicap decline worsening bills deduction waste injure give in surrender lessen weaken destroy ruin dissuade prevent demote hinder release give up lose miss discourage halt lower spend throw away yield depart leave free let go neglect plant exhaust

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