grand meaning in telugu

Word: grand
 Meaning of grand in english - impressive, great, most important

Meanings in telugu :

misaramu ( మీసరము )

Identical words :

As noun :
grandmother - avv ( అవ్వ )
grandeur - vaibhavamu ( వైభవము )
grandfather - taat ( తాత )
grandson - manumadu ( మనుమడు )

Synonyms of grand

noble grandiose awe-inspiring stately marvelous sumptuous palatial splendid magnificent opulent luxurious large imposing monumental dignified ambitious glorious lofty august striking super elevated rich fine admirable eminent exalted excellent first-class first-rate haughty illustrious majestic ostentatious outstanding pompous pretentious regal sublime superb terrific unreal smashing dynamite fab something else very good main head leading chief grave principal highest mighty preeminent supreme

Antonyms of grand

ignoble insignificant tiny trivial unimportant paltry contemptible pitiful undignified small ordinary unimpressive common poor humble bad modest unimposing low inferior auxiliary subordinate minor

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