head meaning in telugu

Word: head
 Meaning of head in english - most important, chief, top part of an animate body, leader, front, beginning, ability, intelligence, turning point, manage, oversee

Meanings in telugu :

siramu ( సిరము )

Identical words :

As noun :
headache - ēru ( ఏరు )
head band - parighōshamu ( పరిఘోషము )
head dress - makutamu ( మకుటము )
As adjective :
headstrong - tavar ( టవర )
headlessness - ajaagrat ( అజాగ్రత )
headless trunk - att ( అట్ట )
head of cornstem of corn - kanki ( కంకి )
headless trunk retaining vitality - kabandhamu ( కబంధము )
head-strong - svatantramu ( స్వతంత్రము )
headman among sailors - tandēlu ( తండేలు )
head ofbedstead - talayampi ( తలయంపి )
head ofbed - talaapi ( తలాపి )
headman ofvillage - patēlu ( పటేలు )
head cut off from the neck - mundamu ( ముండము )
head man - mēti ( మేటి )

Synonyms of head

prime champion principal leading premier pioneer main arch first foremost highest preeminent stellar supreme topmost brain skull noodle belfry upstairs attic crown dome cranium noggin scalp pate gray matter think tank coconut thinker capitulum top story upper story superintendent executive commander director manager officer honcho supervisor boss President chieftain captain commanding officer dominator lead-off person top dog height bill headline tip crest promontory vertex apex summit peak beak pitch banner heading cork streamer origin van start rise source vanguard forefront commencement fountainhead first place mind capacity bent gift genius mentality understanding thought aptness aptitude faculty talent knack intellect flair brains culmination acme climax crisis conclusion control run guide supervise govern rule address dominate precede be first be in charge go first hold sway over

Antonyms of head

auxiliary extra least minor unimportant last subordinate lower second trivial secondary inferior final follower rear ending ignorance inability foot bottom conclusion finish stupidity employee worker nadir base result completion death effect stop incompetence incapacity lack ineptitude ineptness commencement beginning opening start obey mislead surrender abandon misguide neglect serve yield

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