higgledy piggledy meaning in telugu

Word: higgledy piggledy
 Meaning of higgledy piggledy in english - higgledy-piggledy, helter-skelter

Meanings in telugu :

tikkatamakkat ( తిక్కటమక్కట )

Synonyms of higgledy piggledy

chaotic disordered disorderly disorganized haywire involved jumbled messy miscellaneous mistaken misunderstood obscured out of order snafu top anarchic blurred disarranged in a muddle in disarray miscalculated snarled haphazard headlong about any which way anyhow around hastily hit-or-miss hotfoot impetuously irregular muddled pell-mell random rashly recklessly topsy-turvy tumultous/tumultuous wildly cluttered anywise at random hurriedly in confusion incautiously incontinently randomly

Antonyms of higgledy piggledy

carefully methodical organized straight

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