ill meaning in telugu

Word: ill
 Meaning of ill in english - sick, bad, evil, misfortune

Meanings in telugu :

chid ( చీడ )

Identical words :

As noun :
illness - apaatavamu ( అపాటవము )
ill will - vaimanasyamu ( వైమనస్యము )
illusion - maay ( మాయ )
ill-will - vairasyamu ( వైరస్యము )
ill fame - ravv ( రవ్వ )
ill-luck - anayamu ( అనయము )
ill-fame - apayashamu ( అపయశము )
ill-name - apakirti ( అపకీర్తి )
ill name - apakhyaati ( అపఖ్యాతి )
illustration of any rule - udaaharanamu ( ఉదాహరణము )
ill behaved - udvrittamu ( ఉద్వృత్తము )
ill humour - kasaru ( కసరు )
ill blood - kasi ( కసి )
illnatured - kutilamu ( కుటిలము )
ill-will adj - gitagitan ( గిటగిటన )

Synonyms of ill

woozy diseased infirm ailing afflicted poorly down below par indisposed out of sorts peaked queasy rotten run-down under the weather unhealthy unwell a wreck bummed down with feeling awful feeling rotten feeling terrible got the bug laid low on sick list running temperature sick as a dog off one's feet hostile foreboding cross foul wrong unfortunate acrimonious adverse antagonistic cantankerous damaging deleterious detrimental disrespectful disturbing harmful harsh hateful hurtful ill-mannered impertinent inauspicious inimical iniquitous injurious malevolent malicious nocuous noxious ominous ruinous sinister sullen surly threatening unfavorable unfriendly ungracious unkind unlucky unpropitious unwholesome vile wicked nocent unpromising malady illness pain ailment sickness abuse misery suffering malaise affliction woe trouble disorder infirmity syndrome complaint mischief affection insult trial indisposition malice tribulation wickedness cruelty depravity damage unpleasantness injury condition destruction

Antonyms of ill

healthy good sound strong well moral honest happy happiness joy aid advantage healthiness praise friendliness thoughtfulness virtue favor improvement privilege profit prosperity good health well-being comfort cheer pleasure help blessing peace benefit kindness right fortune

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