lie meaning in telugu

Word: lie
 Meaning of lie in english - untruth, tell an untruth, be prostrate, flat, be situated

Meanings in telugu :

sat ( సట )

Identical words :

As noun :
lien - rinamu ( ఋణము )
lie hid - daagu ( డాగు )

Synonyms of lie

fiction falsehood deception evasion myth forgery slander distortion tale inaccuracy perjury deceit misrepresentation dishonesty fabrication falseness falsity detraction reviling invention backbiting fable hyperbole obloquy defamation revilement fib aspersion libel calumny vilification prevarication whopper misstatement guile subterfuge calumniation mendacity white lie disinformation fraudulence falsification tall story mislead promote deceive pervert frame bull dupe beguile fake prevaricate concoct equivocate snow fudge falsify victimize palter plant phony dissemble delude misinform exaggerate fabricate malign forswear perjure dissimulate make believe put on string along soft-soap misspeak overdraw misguide BS be untruthful bear false witness break promise go back on misinstruct put up a front sprawl sleep rest recline retire repose couch lounge nap siesta loll laze turn in lie down be prone be recumbent be supine go to bed stretch out belong remain spread exist prevail beset reach extend occupy be beside be buried be established be even be fixed be found be interred be level be located be on be placed be seated be smooth

Antonyms of lie

frankness honesty truthfulness uprightness praise compliment sincerity non-fiction openness destroy straighten tell truth stand be honest be upright

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