load meaning in telugu

Word: load
 Meaning of load in english - cargo, freight, burden, pressure, burden, saddle, overburden, pressure

Meanings in telugu :

mōt ( మోత )

Identical words :

load-stone - ayaskaantamu ( అయస్కాంతము )
loadingpack ox - laade ( లాడె )

Synonyms of load

goods capacity weight haul bundle amount consignment shipment payload lading shot parcel bale charge part mass hindrance encumbrance contents pack heft task responsibility duty albatross onus oppression tax drag cumber liability drain millstone incubus affliction trouble trust obligation worry care deadweight excess baggage lade stuff pile carry cram stack store fill surfeit glut top flood jam ballast oversupply stow bear heap gorge arrange choke swamp lumber place weigh down chock containerize heap up pile it on pile up pour in put aboard ram in top off encumber

Antonyms of load

whole benefit blessing disregard aid happiness irresponsibility help use abstain diet fast disarrange disorder assist lose relieve unburden

Related English Telugu Meaning

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