lovely meaning in telugu

Word: lovely
 Meaning of lovely in english - beautiful, charming, agreeable

Meanings in telugu :

lalitamu ( లలితము )

Identical words :

lovely girl - andakatte ( అందకత్తె )
lovely of delicate girl - tanvi ( తన్వి )

Synonyms of lovely

alluring engaging pleasing splendid sweet stunning pleasant delightful delicate delicious gorgeous graceful enchanting pretty exquisite handsome picture fair knockout winning dainty nice admirable adorable amiable attractive comely delectable enjoyable good-looking gratifying rare scrumptious beauteous bewitching pulchritudinous captivating

Antonyms of lovely

repulsive undesirable insignificant unfriendly unpleasant horrible awful drab unlovely unsightly poor ordinary ugly homely disagreeable

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