model meaning in telugu

Word: model
 Meaning of model in english - typical, ideal, imitation, replica, example, standard, person, thing that poses, type, version, form, shape, display, pose

Meanings in telugu :

maadiri ( మాదిరి )

Synonyms of model

miniature exemplary perfect dummy classical facsimile copy representative archetypal commendable flawless illustrative quintessential very paradigmatic prototypical picture photograph figure image portrait painting sketch effigy ringer copycat layout duplicate print clone illustration pocket statue cartoon engraving ditto setup look-alike relief representation dead ringer game plan spitting image visual statuette figurine mock-up tracing paste-up knock-off pattern symbol design prototype original nonesuch embodiment touchstone archetype paragon apotheosis quintessence hero saint emblem criterion epitome mold nonpareil gauge beau ideal role model lodestar mirror nude mannequin manikin subject sitter style variety kind configuration mark create fashion cast base carve sculpt wear sport parade show off

Antonyms of model

abnormal atypical imperfect unusual irregular uncharacteristic different being entity original photographer

Related English Telugu Meaning

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