monkey meaning in telugu

Word: monkey
 Meaning of monkey in english - primate, fiddle, tamper with

Meanings in telugu :

vaanaramu ( వానరము )

Identical words :

monkeyhood - kaapēyamu ( కాపేయము )

Synonyms of monkey

baboon ape rascal monk imp scamp simian anthropoid lemur chimpanzee gorilla orangutan fool trifle play mess interlope make interfere tinker pry meddle busybody butt in fool around horn in fool with

Related English Telugu Meaning

monkeyhoodmonopolymonsieurmonstermonth calledmonth jyeshṭhamonthmonthlymoon and starsmoon plantmoonmoonlightmoonstonemoral meritmoralitymorassmorbid state of the three humoursmore and moremore by onemore folds
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