note meaning in telugu

Word: note
 Meaning of note in english - symbol, often used in reference to music, attention, heed, observe, perceive

Meanings in telugu :

svaramu ( స్వరము )

Identical words :

As adjective :
noteworthy - idyamu ( ఈడ్యము )
note of hand - purōni ( పురోణీ )
note oflute - prakvanamu ( ప్రక్వణము )

Synonyms of note

character tone sign flat scale natural figure degree pitch interval token mark step lick indication key representation sharp remark notice observation cognizance observance regard mind indicate write mention see view transcribe denote clock discern register spot discover record dig descry enter catch document distinguish designate put down take in get a load of get an eyeful jot down pick up on set down

Antonyms of note

heedlessness ignorance neglect unobservance ignore disregard erase misunderstand overlook lose

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