chantanam meaning in english

Word: சந்தானம் - The tamil word have 8 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
chantanam means
1. a child or animal in relation to its parent or parents.
2. such descendants or offspring collectively.
3. something that is printed or published and distributed, especially a given number of a periodical
4. races, a series of races, usually of horses or dogs, run at a set time over a regular course
5. a downward inclination or slope. Synonyms
6. the line of descendants of a particular ancestor; family; race .
7. a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for
8. a genealogical table, chart, list, or record, especially of a purebred animal.

Transliteration : cantāṉam Other spellings : chantanam

Meanings in english :

Meaning of chantanam in tamil

chantati / சந்ததி
vamicham / வமிசம்
totarpu / தொடர்பு
kuru paramparai / குரு பாரம்பரை
aintaruvilonṟu / ஐந்தருவிலொன்று
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