iluppai meaning in english

Word: இலுப்பை - The tamil word have 7 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
Transliteration : iluppai Other spellings : iluppai

Meanings in english :

long leaved bassia 
illoopy bassia longifolia

Meaning of iluppai in tamil

ormaram / ஓர்மரம்

Identical words :

iluppaikkatuku ( இலுப்பைக்கடுகு ) - sediment of illoopy oililuppaipparuppu ( இலுப்பைப்பருப்பு ) - it's kerneliluppaippuchchampa ( இலுப்பைப்பூச்சம்பா ) - rice smel ling like the flower of the olive tree

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