kayppu meaning in english

Word: காய்ப்பு - The tamil word have 8 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
kayppu means
1. Botany. a hardened or thickened part of a plant.
2. insensitive; indifferent; unsympathetic
3. a lasting aftereffect of trouble, especially a lasting psychological injury resulting from suffering or trauma.
4. a feeling of aversion; antipathy
5. discomfort, uneasiness, or pain.
6. to offend the good taste, moral sense, etc., of; cause extreme dislike or revulsion in
7. firmly formed; tight

Transliteration : kāyppu Other spellings : kayppu

Meanings in english :

As noun :
displeasure disgust
As adjective :

Meaning of kayppu in tamil

காய்க்கை / காய்க்கை
ttippu / தடிப்புtzumpu / தழும்புveṟuppu / வெறுப்புizinta irumpu / இழிந்த இரும்பு
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