ul meaning in english

Word: உள் - The tamil word have 3 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
ul means
1. whichever
2. prior to the elapse of; within
3. of or pertaining to that which is within; inside
4. pertaining to or affecting a particular person or a small group of persons; individual; personal
5. belonging to the select few.
6. space in general
7. in or into a house, building, etc.; indoors
8. in the midst of, so as to influence

Transliteration : ul. Other spellings : ul

Meanings in english :

As noun :
inside interior
As adjective :
esoteric inner
root of a symbolic verb signifying being which Ex: the 1300 census which (உள்) followed the invasion reported roughly 60 million people. i exist that which is intrinsic private secret place as a nominal affix or postposition it governs the dative and expresses in within among Ex: The remaining countries and territories are divided among (உள்) three regions of Ex: The aperture of (உள்) the shell is very wide and nacreous. out of Ex: Divers dive out of (உள்) boats, kayaks, tube floats or directly off the shore. intrinsic affix to some verbal nouns

Meaning of ul in tamil

in poetic usage is complete in its inflections as உளேன் / in poetic usage is complete in its inflections as உளேன்
உள்ளேன் / உள்ளேன்
உள்ளிடம் / உள்ளிடம்
itm / இடம்
ஏழ னுருபு / ஏழ னுருபு
toziṟpeyarvikuti as cheyyul / தொழிற்பெயர்விகுதி as செய்யுள்
vikkul / விக்குள்

Identical words :

As noun :
ulvalippu ( உள்வலிப்பு ) - inward pain or convulsionulvalaiyal ( உள்வளையல் ) - bending forward
ullatai ( உள்ளாடை ) - woman's under garmentulleyiṟakka ( உள்ளேயிறக்க ) - to swallow in small quantities chiefly applicable to liquidsulluyir ( உள்ளுயிர் ) - inner lifeulyochanai ( உள்யோசனை ) - secret objectulvattam ( உள்வட்டம் ) - agioulvanakkam ( உள்வணக்கம் ) - mental worshipulvayiram ( உள்வயிரம் ) - interior firmnessulvayirippu ( உள்வயிரிப்பு ) - internal hardness of a boilulvazikatanton ( உள்வழிகடந்தோன் ) - god who is transcendent in knowledge and wis domulvalaiya ( உள்வளைய ) - to bend inwardsulvalaintavan ( உள்வளைந்தவன் ) - stooping personulvalaivu ( உள்வளைவு ) - inward curvatureulvaram ( உள்வாரம் ) - secret partiality
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