A great deal of meaning in hindi

How to pronounce A great deal of
As noun : अंदधुंध Ex:  The loss in his business led to a great deal of introspection.
in the family.
अगाधरुधिर Ex:  Poor examination results brought a great deal of disappointment to the teachers. अतिशयित Ex:  She derives a great deal of pleasure from her neighbours garden. अतिशायी Ex:  they spent a great deal of money on the landscaping अतें Ex:  Vancouver merchants sold a great deal of equipment to prospectors. अत्यधिक Ex:  While a great deal of European medieval art is on display in these galleries उ:   ये कथाएँ अत्यधिक महत्वपूर्ण है। अध्यारुढ Ex:  The new policy provoked a great deal of criticism . अमोगाँ Ex:  After a great deal of discussion उर्वरित Ex:  He also wrote a great deal of religious music उल्बण Ex:  In general, cheese supplies a great deal of calcium, protein, and phosphorus. परिगाढ Ex:  These "rims" have a great deal of variation, and are often very shiny. बंहिष्ठ Ex:  Despite a great deal of study बलीयस् Ex:  Today there is a great deal of controversy on why this failed. बहीय Ex:  There is not a great deal of native Italian Christmas music. बहुमुख Ex:  While the Charter has enjoyed a great deal of popularity भूरी मनमानिब ‡ महत सातिशय सुविस्तर
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