Abject meaning in hindi | Abject ka matlab 

Abject meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Abject 
Usage of Abject: 1: he is very abject 2: There is abject poverty in India. 3: Raynald decided that abject submission was his only hope. 4: A creature abject 5: A man abject 6: A spirit abject 7: An abject face abject Some jobs 8: Engaging in abject dissolution 9: He was in abject poverty 10: It says figuratively, for contempt of a Case abject
Abject ki paribhasha : aachaara, niti ya dharm se gira hua jise dekhakar ya sunakar ghrana paida ho jise kuchh karane ka utsaah na rah gaya ho saahity men nau rason ke antargat chhatha ras kartavyaakartavy ke vichaar se rahit kaami phalit jyotish men vah sthaan jo kisi grah ke uchch sthaan se saatavaaan ho

Abject synonyms
wretched base contemptible degraded dejected deplorable dishonorable fawning forlorn groveling hangdog humiliated low miserable outcast servile submissive worthless pitiable
Abject antonyms
commendable exalted excellent magnificent worthy noble proud 
Usage of Abject in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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