Ablution meaning in hindi | Ablution ka matlab 

Ablution meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ablution 
Usage of Ablution: 1: After the ablution 2: Bassin, usually zinc, in which we make ablution 3: Before ablution 4: It also refers to the action that the priest does at Mass when, after the blood of our Lord, immediately before the ablution he takes the chalice of wine in 5: When the priest takes the ablution
Ablution ki paribhasha : sharir ko svachchh karane ya usaki shithi- lata door karane ke liye use jal se dhonaa, athava jal ki bahati hui dhaara men pravesh karana jal jisase koi chij saaph ki jaay

Ablution synonyms
bath purification shower lavation decontamination cleansing showering 
Usage of Ablution in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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