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As noun : अँगडा़ई Ex:  This book is an abstract of Ramayana.
अगण्य Ex:  He has an abstract notion to change the nation. अग्रन Ex:  nothing so fatal as to strive too officiously for an abstract quality like beauty अघ्रान Ex:  Phenomenology is a term used in abstract science. अड़ाअड़ Ex:  The abstract summarizes the main ideas in the paper अनन्यभाव Ex:  In this abstract setting अनभावा Ex:  This notion is the basis of abstract impressionism. अपाकृष्‍ट Ex:  ” Darwin struggled for thirteen months to produce an abstract of his “big book” अमूरत Ex:  It leaves one other abstract design choice: the faces representing 1 अमूर्त चित्र Ex:  The abstract monument sparked a great deal of controversy when it was unveiled अमूर्त विचार Ex:  Hegel thought Kant's moral philosophy was too formal, abstract and ahistorical. अमूर्त Ex:  In response to Kant's abstract and formal account of morality उ:   परम्परा अमूर्त एवं अलिखित होती है। अमूर्तीक Ex:  Such a tessellation forms an example of an infinite abstract regular polytope. आनुकूल्य Ex:  This abstract point of view is called the intrinsic view. आर्डिनरी Ex:  An examiner judged him as "very applied abstract sciences इमोशन Ex:  Modern sculptors use both classical and abstract inspired designs. उँघाई Ex:  Donald Judd and others led contemporary abstract sculpture in new directions. उड़ियाँना Ex:  As an abstract noun, there was also , "atheism". उदभाव Ex:  In abstract algebra, one may define polynomials with coefficients in any ring. उदसन Ex:  Other related objects studied in abstract algebra are formal power series उपक्षेपण Ex:  The last is used with nouns denoting abstract categories: lo bueno कड्ढना Ex:  When Muslims speak in the abstract about "the Qur'an" कढ्डेरना Ex:  For each abstract returned कल्पना Ex:  This is the field of abstract algebra. उ:   यह कल्पना कार्तिक की आख़िरी फ़िल्म थी। काढना Ex:  The skills we are going to discuss may appear abstract . काल्पनिक Ex:  abstract उ:   पात्र चाहे काल्पनिक ही हों। ख़याल Ex:  Figure or image that is used to denote something mostly abstract उ:   इससे पहले ख़याल गायन में भी पखावज से संगत की जाती थी। खौट Ex:  Here is the abstract of his life गार्हपत Ex:  Human, animal, bird, warmth, beauty, thought, virtue, abstract nouns are names गोशवारा Ex:  In terms of mathematics, abstract number, any number that we consider only as a collection of units, what as these units, and disregarding their nature, as opposed to specific Number चुआव Ex:  In the abstract sense, indefinite extent चुकावडा Ex:  It also means Examine an account, a folder, a registry to give the abstract status, extract, summary चोँका Ex:  It also means not only abstract Quality this third dimension, but the concrete of the object matter, considered in this third dimension चोँथ Ex:  It is also said male name as the abstract and the concrete चोखनि Ex:  It is also said, in terms of grammar, abstract name छनछेप Ex:  It is also used figuratively in the sense, talking about abstract things जाजना Ex:  It is said in the same sense a writer, an abstract जेनरल Ex:  It said, in terms of Poetry, Sculpture and Painting, allegorical beings representing the arts, science, industry, an idea abstract झड़न Ex:  Mézeray made himself an abstract of his great History of France झीँख Ex:  Mouthfeel, whiteness, goodness are abstract terms; Round and white, good, united with the names of substances, such as round bread, white wine, good prince, are concrete terms झोँकवाई Ex:  Number concrete is said specifically of the Application of abstract number to any topic or झोँकाई Ex:  Pious, scientist, round, united with names, like pious woman, learned man, round hat, are concrete terms; and piety, science, roundness are abstract terms टहलान Ex:  Pure Mathematics, Those who consider the size of an abstract way, as merely likely to increase and decrease ठगपना Ex:  Pure Mathematics, Those who view the properties numbers and figures in an abstract way; ठोँ Ex:  Show me a good abstract astronomy तकन Ex:  Ten and hundred thirty abstract numbers are तकर्रुरी Ex:  The things that denote abstract words have only ideal existence तखय्यल Ex:  This issue is abstract तपम्विता Ex:  This speech is abstract तसव्वुर Ex:  This word also applies, in a pejorative sense, to developments or discussions about abstract ideas तिरन Ex:  to abstract means Immerse yourself in meditation or daydreaming, he had thought and attention for the interior object that occupies तिरावण Ex:  They say similar effect An abstract idea; The name and as abstract and concrete तुड़ा़ई तुतरानि तुतलान तेरिज तेहराव दराकन दुआगोई दोहराहट निकाल देना निकालना उ:   ठाकुर जी निकालना यह कार्यक्रम भी सालाना नियमित रूप से होता हैं। निबटान निबर्हण निर्गंधता निर्घातन निष्कामता पटकनि पारिव्राजक, पारिव्राज्य पिहकनि पूछाताछी पूछापेखी प्रणाशन प्रायापयोगिक प्रेप्सा फड़क फुलनि फेँक फेँट बदचलनी बरसनि बलकनि बिगोवन बुद्धिविलास भंडपना भगदर भरबाई भारवाहन भाव उ:   इस भाव को ग्रहण करना आवश्यक है। भावनामय भाववाचक भावाट भुनवाई, भुनाई भोक्तृत्व मँजाई मचमचाहट मिलौअल मुँहचोरई ‡ मुँहभराई मुरक मुर्गबाजी मुहताजी मूत्तत्व मेरवन मेल उ:   छंद के आदि में दो गणों का मेल माना गया है। मोरन मोहताजी मौकूफी रफतनी रौँदन लटकनि लटापटी लवाव लुब्बलुबाब लोकसिद्ध वजीहा वयन वशिता विह्नलता व्यपसारण व्यवाकृति व्युदास संक्षिप्त करना संक्षिप्त बनाना या संक्षेप करना संक्षिप्त बनाना संक्षेप उ:   इसी को संक्षेप में कला कहते हैं। समसन समागमन समालोक समुझनि सलामकराई सांक्षेपिक सान्निव्यता सामान्य उ:   "सन्यास" का सामान्य अर्थ "त्याग" है। सामान्यत्व सारांश लिखना सारांश उ:   सारांश यह कि पूँजी का स्रोत श्रमशोषण है। सीक्रेट सीझ स्मेरता हँकराव, हँकरावा हँसन हरखनि हलाकानी ‡ हालडोल हिलनि
As adjective : अनमूरति Ex:  Achaemenid era Zoroastrianism developed the abstract concepts of heaven अरुप Ex:  The view that there really are no abstract objects is called nominalism. निरवयव निराकार उ:   साथ ही निराकार परब्रह्म की कल्पना भी उपस्थित थी। निराजुकार निहरूप
Other : आकर्षित करना Ex:  The branch of mathematics that studies abstract number systems such as groups गूढ़ Ex:  In abstract उ:   मानव विकास के कितने ही गूढ़ रहस्य प्रागैतिहास के गर्भ में पड़े हैं। तत्व Ex:  This method leads by dimming the most abstract truths उ:   यह तत्व दोनों में समान है। संक्षेप करना सार उ:   इसके तेल को कफ, पित्त और दाहनाशक और सार को भूत-बाधा-निवारक लिखा है।
Abstract ki paribhasha : kisi padaarth men ka moola, mukhya, kaam kaa, ya asali bhaag kisi vastu ki usake svaami ke paroksh ya anajaan men le lena smrati men paaanch prakaar ki saakshiyon men se ek saakshi jise arthi ne pratyarthi ka vachan suna diya ho vah ek baat ya gun jo kisi jaati ya varg ki sab chijon men samaan roop se paaya jaay vyaakaran men vah sngya jisase kisi padaarth ka bhaava, dharm ya gun aadi soochit ho khnjan naamak ped ka gond kisi doosare vyakti ke kaary men sahaayata pahuanchaana
Abstract synonyms
philosophical unreal hypothetical abstruse ideal complex deep intellectual indefinite recondite transcendent transcendental nonconcrete compendium condensation outline brief summary synopsis conspectus digest abridgment prã©cis rã©sumã© dissociate disconnect separate steal isolate remove disengage uncouple part withdraw detach extract take out abridge review shorten condense summarize abbreviate
Abstract antonyms
real ignorant factual objective simple concrete material physical document manuscript connect couple link combine unite remain insert complete lengthen attach join stay add fill introduce expand strengthen enlarge increase amplify extend
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The word is used as adjective noun, verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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