Admirer meaning in hindi | Admirer ka matlab 

Admirer meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Admirer 
Usage of Admirer: 1: The temples in Orissa have delicately carved statues.
The admirer delicately praised the artist.
2: He is a great admirer of her poems. 3: Twain was an admirer of the remarkable deafblind girl, Helen Keller. 4: 47. One admirer was lexicographer Noah Webster. 5: A tribute article by writer and admirer Mark Gatiss 6: Edgar Allan Poe's personal physician and an admirer of the Turk 7: An admirer of Joyce and Pound 8: A Whig and an admirer of party leader Henry Clay 9: A fervent admirer 10: It is a convinced admirer
Admirer ki paribhasha : seva pooja karanevaala purush

Admirer synonyms
enthusiast devotee adherent patron partisan believer disciple follower fan lover worshiper booster groupie supporter buff sweetheart freak beau fancier nut cat swain junkie suitor fiend girlfriend hound bug boyfriend rooter wooer
Admirer antonyms
detractor adversary enemy opponent girlfriend critic 
Usage of Admirer in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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