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Admit meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Admit 
Usage of Admit: 1: He was very reluctant to admit his mistake. 2: They refused to admit us into the theater . 3: He did, however, admit that it was a mistake in his memoirs. 4: Its only fair to admit that their success was never recognised internationally 5: Elizabeth, living at Hatfield House, would admit nothing. 6: Fuentes at times would admit that the story was not exactly about him. 7: Though both of them hate to admit it 8: Cuba does not admit to holding political prisoners 9: " with problems which admit more fruitful thinking. 10: 17 are co-educational and 93 admit only girls.

Admit synonyms
grant receive permit introduce sign concede accept enter take buy okay shelter harbor house bless initiate entertain let lodge suffer take in be big on give access give the nod give thumbs up let in sign off on disclose reveal affirm confirm recognize tell indicate declare approve agree talk recite own consent number bare enumerate concur acquiesce divulge relate confide accord avow expose communicate unveil narrate spill adopt tolerate yield proclaim credit uncover profess bring to light let on cop a plea go into details make known open up own up subscribe to
Admit antonyms
deny refuse disallow reject erase dispute repudiate abstain sell veto disregard ignore debar exclude oust shut confute dissent gainsay give offer disagree stop turn away dismiss expel repel conceal hide contradict invalidate disapprove misunderstand listen protest object suppress withhold disown prevent oppose decline differ argue keep secrete cover 
Usage of Admit in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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