Adoration meaning in hindi | Adoration ka matlab 

Adoration meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Adoration 
Usage of Adoration: 1: Teocuicatl to the gods and creation myths and to adoration of said figures 2: Bast developed from the adoration for her feline companions. 3: Liturgy is outward adoration of God as well as a fountain for personal piety. 4: Because of the adoration now given to Amun 5: Expose the Blessed Sacrament, the present in a church for the adoration of the faithful 6: Figure statue representing a false deity and exposed to the adoration 7: Go to the adoration of Pope 8: Go to the adoration of the Cross 9: goldsmith Room in which Roman Catholics exposed to the adoration of the faithful the sacred host that sees through ice 10: It is also called the Feast Church celebrating this adoration and also called the Day of Kings
Adoration ki paribhasha : vah vibhaag jo rekha dvaara kiya gaya ho

Adoration synonyms
admiration veneration reverence devotion esteem shine attachment hankering weakness yen idolization honor crush passion infatuation exaltation ardor idolatry estimation worship glorification puppy love amore pash worshipping
Adoration antonyms
disregard disrespect dislike hate hatred debasement denunciation humiliation condemnation indifference abhorrence detestation 
Usage of Adoration in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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