Adorn meaning in hindi | Adorn ka matlab 

Adorn meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Adorn 
Usage of Adorn: 1: For some occasions, women may adorn themselves with jewelery and headdresses. 2: A method which comprises precipitating, by the action of a galvanic current, a metal dissolved in a liquid on any material, either to adorn or preserve atmospheric conditions or to take the imprint 3: acanthus leaves, says that sculpture works adorn the Corinthian 4: Furniture lined what used to washing, hair, adorn 5: It also says corneas blades that adorn the palace of the transversely Whale 6: It is said by analogy Decorations shaped festoons which architects, sculptors, painters adorn their works 7: Put, tapestry adorn the walls of a room, a bedroom, etc 8: Put, tapestry adorn the walls of a room, a bedroom, etc 9: Sheepskin with its wool which adorn the harness harness clamps 10: The benches that adorn the room where meets a policy

Adorn synonyms
trim bedeck dress up spruce up embellish beautify grace enrich furbish ornament enhance array garnish doll up fix up gussy up
Adorn antonyms
disfigure mar decrease damage deform spoil reduce hurt uglify leave plain 
Usage of Adorn in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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