Adversary meaning in hindi | Adversary ka matlab 

Adversary meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Adversary 
Usage of Adversary: 1: He put his adversary to flight after defeating him in a fight. 2: Loki is not primarily an adversary of the gods 3: F-5F and F-5N Tiger II aircraft in support of air combat adversary training. 4: Hands up! Order that is given to a person to raise their arms, hands open to show that it has no weapons, she will not attack or defend themselves; in combat, similar order given to the adversary 5: It is also said of him that accompanied a duelist as a witness, but at the same time fought against witness the adversary 6: Pay daring, so make a brave show as decision, as there is stopped, it intimidates the adversary 7: Take part Suing a man who was not First, our adversary 8: , Waging War knife, Use all means to overcome the adversary
Adversary ki paribhasha : puraanaanusaar dhruv ke pote aur shlishti ke putr ka naam vah jisake saath bhaari virodh ya vemanasy ho kisi vaad ka pahale pahal prastaav karanevaala jisaka prativaadi ki or se khndn hota hai saath snvatsaron men se pachisavaaan snvatsar

Adversary synonyms
enemy competitor foe rival attacker antagonist bandit contestant opposer match bad person opposite number oppugner
Adversary antonyms
ally assistant backer helper helpmate supporter friend 
Usage of Adversary in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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