Advocate meaning in hindi | Advocate ka matlab 

Advocate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Advocate 
Usage of Advocate: 1: I have always been an advocate of anti pollution policies. 2: He is a famous advocate and has won nearly all of his court cases. 3: The advocate frequently refered to his notes. 4: An advocate of "economic freedom" 5: Doris Tate became a vocal advocate for victims' rights and 6: Haywood was an advocate of industrial unionism 7: The earliest advocate of this theory was Konrad Lorenz. 8: Science advocate Carl Sagan 9: Canada has been an advocate for multilateralism 10: Both texts also advocate the education of women
Advocate ki paribhasha : ???? bich men padkar vivaad ki gitaanevaala jise kisi ne apana prati- nidhi banaakar koi kaam karane ka adhikaar diya ho vah vakil jo saadhaaran vakilon se pad men bad aur jo pulis kort se lekar haaikort tak men bahas kar sake nyaayaalay men kisi paksh ka samarthan karanevaala doosare ke kaam ko usaki or se karane ka bhaar lenevaala

Advocate synonyms
promoter proponent backer lawyer defender supporter counsel exponent spokesperson apostle attorney speaker champion campaigner expounder pleader proposer upholder urge favor encourage tout recommend push further justify plug advance vindicate bolster bless countenance advise boost side build up go for go to bat for press for campaign for argue for be in corner brace up get on bandwagon give a leg up give a lift go with hold with plead for plump for ride shotgun for root for run interference for say so speak for spread around stump for
Advocate antonyms
opponent antagonist assailant enemy protestor opposition dissuade refuse reject disapprove hinder block conceal hide condemn deny decrease prevent undermine impugn discourage oppose hurt halt attack criticize 
Usage of Advocate in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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