Agglomeration meaning in hindi | Agglomeration ka matlab 

Agglomeration meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Agglomeration 
Usage of Agglomeration: 1: An ugly agglomeration of new buildings emerged there. 2: ²Where a census agglomeration straddles more than one administrative region 3: The Munich agglomeration sprawls across the plain of the Alpine foothills. 4: A large agglomeration of people in an area slightly extended 5: By extension, it is said of any agglomeration of Jewish inhabitants in a modern city 6: Condition of an agglomeration of men forming in milk or aspiring to form, by virtue of origins, traditions or common interests, a separate nation from other 7: Geology Who is formed by an agglomeration 'oolites 8: rock formed by the agglomeration of small quartz sand grains 9: Sargasso Sea, immense space of the Atlantic between the Azores and Cape Verde Islands, where there is an agglomeration of Sargassum 10: The agglomeration of sands , snow
Agglomeration ki paribhasha : aise vaaky jinamen paraspar kisi prakaar ki sngati na ho niche oopar rakhi hui bahut si vastuon ka samooh jo kuchh oopar utha hua ho

Agglomeration synonyms
load cluster pile heap jumble mass 
Usage of Agglomeration in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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