Applaud meaning in hindi | Applaud ka matlab 

Applaud meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Applaud 
Usage of Applaud: 1: I applaud your efforts 2: Beat Hand, Hitting one against the other two open hands to applaud 3: Far from reproaching me these feelings, I applaud 4: If applaud a happy event 5: If applaud someone's kindness, his home 6: interjection which is used to applaud 7: It is also said of the actors that we made it back on stage to applaud the 8: It is, by extension, a troupe of people who, in theaters, are paid to applaud

Applaud synonyms
encourage laud commend cheer hail praise recommend approve compliment plug glorify magnify boost eulogize acclaim rave root extol give a hand give ovation hear it for kudize
Applaud antonyms
dissuade blame censure disapprove refuse denounce condemn decrease depress discourage criticize keep silent 
Usage of Applaud in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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