Approve meaning in hindi | Approve ka matlab 

Approve meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Approve 
Usage of Approve: 1: I approve of his educational policies 2: The officer who is po-faced didnt approve his request for leave. 3: I dont approve of your misbehaviour with the elders. 4: I don't approve of your foul language . 5: Bach did approve of a later instrument he saw in 1747 6: Baldwin did not approve of Raynald's attack on Cyprus 7: If the Council does not approve these 8: It has refused to approve the budget only twice 9: It must approve any changes to the Constitution of Bermuda. 10: The Senate is empowered to approve treaties and Presidential appointments.
Approve ki paribhasha : kisi ko poojya, aadaraniy ya yogy samajhana

Approve synonyms
favor accept admire acclaim handle like applaud appreciate commend countenance approbate esteem praise respect be big on face it go along with grin and bear it live with put up with regard highly roll with punches string along with take up on think highly of advocate okay license uphold ratify support endorse confirm sign certify sanction back recommend establish permit groove charter accede concur acquiesce affirm consent empower seal assent second maintain bless dig buy encourage mandate validate boost pronounce accredit thumbs up push for buy into get behind give go-ahead hats off to lap up make law make valid sign off on stump for subscribe to
Approve antonyms
condemn despise dislike hate scorn censure denounce disapprove disregard deny refuse disallow invalidate reject neglect criticize disrespect disagree oppose protest veto renounce contradict destroy disprove repudiate dispute dissuade object dissent decline discourage differ 
Usage of Approve in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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