Arms meaning in hindi | Arms ka matlab 

Arms meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Arms 
Usage of Arms: 1: He went into the arms of morpheus in the bus. 2: She folded her arms across her chest while talking. 3: The kidnappers pinioned both the arms of the lady whom they kidnapping. 4: they moved their arms and legs and bodies 5: The child ran to her mama with her arms outstretched. 6: The soldiers were being trained in firing small arms at the firing range. 7: local arms don't have a good firing range. 8: he become reconciled to not dying heroically in her arms 9: French arms shipments were resumed on June 27 10: Production arms such as costumes
Arms ki paribhasha : haath men rahanevaale shastr aur phenkakar maare jaanevaale astr hathiyaar haath se pakadkar kaam men laane ki saadhanavastu

Usage of Arms in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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