Attachment meaning in hindi | Attachment ka matlab 

Attachment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Attachment 
Usage of Attachment: 1: He has a sentimental attachment to his birthplace. 2: After attachment of H.pylori to stomach epithelial cells 3: This allows for a more stable two-pronged attachment 4: They display moderately less attachment security than usual 5: Egypt's attachment to Arabism 6: Philip had little personal attachment to the Low Countries 7: Breaking his irons, his chains, links also means if a clear passion, attachment 8: dedicate to someone ' a most faithful attachment 9: Estimation about where we merely approach the truth without attachment to rigorous accuracy 10: Excessive attachment to money, wealth
Attachment ki paribhasha : kuchh ka kuchh samajh lenevaali buddhi patng ya guddi udane ka maaanjhedaar taaga ek prakaar ka raag jo hanumat ke mat se hindol raag ka putr hai dena chakaane ya bhaage hue aparaadhi ko adaalat men haajir karaane ke liye karjadaar ya aparaadhi ki jaayadaad ka sarakaar dvaara jabt kiya jaaba vah manovratti jisake anusaar kisi vastu ya vyakti aadi ke snbndh men yah ichchha hoti hai ki vah sada hamaare paas ya hamaare saath rahe, usaki vraddhi, unnati ya hit hi athava ham usaka bhog karen maaang

Attachment synonyms
connection clamp junction coupling joint fastener link tie bond adapter connector auxiliary extension annex addition extra fixture accessory adjunct fitting supplement appendage part appurtenance accoutrement friendship affinity loyalty devotion case shine love hankering yen weakness partiality crush tenderness attraction liking fidelity fondness possessiveness amore
Attachment antonyms
alienation animosity aversion dislike divorce enmity estrangement hate hatred opposition decrease reduction lessening subtraction 
Usage of Attachment in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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