Attraction meaning in hindi | Attraction ka matlab 

Attraction meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Attraction 
Usage of Attraction: 1: Polar zones are very cold.
The attraction or repulsion shows the polar nature of magnet.
2: a popular tourist attraction 3: The wildboar was the centre of attraction in the zoo. 4: The region's largest attraction is Presque Isle State Park 5: A popular sideshow attraction from the early 19th century was the flea circus 6: Buddhism has been displaying a strong power of attraction 7: Olivier and Leigh developed a strong attraction 8: The Wanamaker Grand Organ is a unique musical attraction 9: Ukraine is positioning itself as a prime tourist attraction 10: The gravitational attraction between the Earth and Moon cause tides on Earth.
Attraction ki paribhasha : kuchh ka kuchh samajh lenevaali buddhi kisi vastu ka doosari vastu ke paas usaki shakti ya prerana se laaya jaana

Usage of Attraction in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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