Austere meaning in hindi | Austere ka matlab 

Austere meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Austere 
Usage of Austere: 1: It was a big house furnished in an austere style. 2: Ram was a rather austere figure. 3: It is far more austere than the Lords' Chamber 4: Donating most of his inheritance to the needy, he lived an austere existence. 5: A man who has a austere and rigid virtue 6: An austere duty 7: austere Religion 8: By extension, it is said of Him who leads an austere life 9: Conduct an austere life 10: Doctrine, austere morality
Austere ki paribhasha : jisamen ghi, tel aadi chikane padaarth na pade hon jyotish men moola, aarda्raa, jyeshthaa, ashvini aur revati nakshatron men budh ki gati man aur indriyon ko vash men rakhanevaala jisaki banaavat aadi bahut snkshipt ho

Austere synonyms
stringent somber forbidding rigid exacting sober formal ascetic astringent cold earnest grave hard harsh inexorable inflexible obdurate rigorous serious solemn stern stiff strict unfeeling unrelenting subdued abstemious chaste continent economical puritanical self-denying self-disciplined straightlaced rustic unadorned stark bleak bald bare clean dour plain primitive simple spare spartan unembellished vanilla bare-bones
Austere antonyms
meek elaborate encouraging extravagant indulgent luxurious flexible bland calm gentle mild spending excited 
Usage of Austere in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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