Avid meaning in hindi | Avid ka matlab 

Avid meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Avid 
Usage of Avid: 1: An avid University of Oklahoma football fan 2: Both were avid readers 3: The pair were also avid collectors of comic strips in their youth 4: Lennon in particular became an avid "tripper" 5: Leibniz was an avid student of languages 6: Leila Steinberg acted as a literary mentor to Shakur, an avid reader. 7: Wills remained an avid tennis player into her 80s. 8: Diaghilev was an avid dance and music patron. 9: Armstrong was an avid audiophile. 10: Detroit is known for its avid hockey fans
Avid ki paribhasha : jisake muanh men bahut adhik laalach ke kaaran paani bhar aaya ho chaahi hui baat men der na sahakar usake udyog men tatpar

Avid synonyms
devoted impatient thirsty fanatical eager zealous hungry voracious keen ardent ravenous insatiable passionate fervent avaricious breathless covetous desirous grasping greedy intense rapacious athirst dying to gotta have
Avid antonyms
apathetic disloyal satisfied disinterested dispassionate indifferent quenched unenthusiastic full dull cold cool frigid unexcited 
Usage of Avid in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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