Bait meaning in hindi | Bait ka matlab 

Bait meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bait 
Usage of Bait: 1: Wet flour is like a bait for fishes.
The Intelligence agency used her as a bait to trap the spies.
2: No one would bite on that bait . 3: Techniques such as setting long-line bait at night 4: Robinson took the bait this time and jumped to block the shot. 5: Fielding continued to bait Richardson with Joseph Andrews 6: They bait her with plans of an elopement. 7: Maize is also used as fish bait called "dough balls". 8: He had let himself be fooled by a bait and had been caught . 9: Attracting bait with 10: Attracting by some bait
Bait ki paribhasha : koi padaartha, visheshataः dhan aadi praapt karane ki itani adhik aur aisi kaamana jo kuchh bhaddi aur bedhngi ho kisi ke man men laalach utpann karana doosare ke padaarth ko lene ki kaamana vah nichi bhoomi jisamen paani bahut din na tike kisi ke pichhe padna pashuon ke khaane ki ghaasa, patti, dnthal aadi kisi ko kisi or pravratt karane ke liye use laabh ki aasha dene ka kaam

Bait synonyms
enticement temptation come-on attraction drag trap bribe snare allurement inducement shill seducement bedevil draw fascinate beguile lead on harass irk torment tease annoy hound nag bother heckle irritate gall persecute anger provoke badger
Bait antonyms
repulsion discouragement turn off repel repulse delight aid soothe assuage calm please make happy help encourage 
Usage of Bait in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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