Bare meaning in hindi | Bare ka matlab 

Bare meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bare 
As adjective : असंकुल
Usage of Bare: 1: they were attacked as they huddled nakedly on the bare hill 2: His bare dislike for capitalism is known to all. 3: his bare feet projected from his trousers 4: In the movie the hero fought with bare hands. 5: Her flat is bare and clinical. 6: Don't feel that thing with your bare hands . 7: Bronstein was bitten on his bare foot 8: Frederick ordered the bare hillside to be transformed into terraced vineyards. 9: They have their chests bare and backs naked to the loins 10: Their earning keeps them on a bare subsistence level .
Bare ki paribhasha : ek chidiya jo taalon ke kinaare rahati hai vah gyaan jo bhraaantishoony aur vishuddh ho ek prakaar ke dignbar jain jo kaupin aur kashaay vastr pahanate hain jyotish men grahon ka sphutasaadhan jisase yah jaana jaata hai ki janm ke samay athava kisi aur vishisht kaal men kaun sa grah kis raashi ke kitane ansha, kitani kala aur kitani vikala men tha jisake andar kuchh na ho jo maatra ya parimaan men adhik na ho kaashmir ki sima par ek bahut bad parvat

Bare synonyms
naked uncovered bald exposed stripped unclad undressed nude denuded divested peeled disrobed unclothed bareskinned shorn unrobed in one's birthday suit desolate vacant arid empty barren stark bleak lacking clear desert blank wanting open void mean poor scanty scarce vacuous unfurnished cold mere meager blunt sheer spare austere basic chaste essential hard literal modest severe unembellished unornamented divulge disclose exhibit show publish unveil unroll
Bare antonyms
clothed private secret robed covered full adorned decorated cheerful filled productive sufficient unclear ambiguous vague blocked closed occupied thick conceal hide cloak 
Usage of Bare in sentences

The word is used as adjective verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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