Bathing meaning in hindi | Bathing ka matlab 

Bathing meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bathing 
Usage of Bathing: 1: While bathing the child ploped the water. 2: Bournemouth was created in the Victorian era when sea bathing became popular. 3: Many people believe that this will come from bathing in the Ganga at any time. 4: BAINS, in the plural, says the apartment intended for bathing 5: bathrobe, bathrobe Sort that is put after bathing 6: Device which is used to heat water for bathing 7: It also tells of a somewhat similar garment we put after bathing 8: It is said of him today, that of making the service in a hot or cold baths, as well as in a bathing establishment 9: Make bathing the horses, a dog 10: Place where it leads horses and cattle drinking and bathing
Bathing ki paribhasha : sharir ko svachchh karane ya usaki shithi- lata door karane ke liye use jal se dhonaa, athava jal ki bahati hui dhaara men pravesh karana paani ke srot men, bahati hui dhaar ke niche ya sir par se paani dhaalakar sharir ko svachchh karane ya usaki shithilata door karane ke liye use dhona

Bathing synonyms
scrub submerge soak dip scour douse clean wet steep rinse immerse dunk moisten hose suffuse bath shower flood sponge cleanse imbue tub imbathe
Bathing antonyms
dirty dry dehydrate ignore 
Usage of Bathing in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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