Belittle meaning in hindi | Belittle ka matlab 

Belittle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Belittle 
Usage of Belittle: 1: dont belittle your colleagues 2: The press seemed to root for Mantle and to belittle Maris. 3: belittle means further reduction to less 4: belittle still means Deprecate, estimate below the value 5: Its requirements belittle the merit of his services 6: It's too belittle you for a man of your sort 7: The Spanish historians enhance the smallest shares of Charles V and Francis I belittle those of 8: This table is too high, it takes a little belittle

Belittle synonyms
criticize decry squelch discredit deride scorn downplay disparage underestimate blister derogate lower deprecate knock minimize smear undervalue squash rip discount slam pan roast downgrade diminish scorch depreciate underrate bad-mouth put down run down sour grapes take down tear down write off cut down to size cut to the quick dispraise dump on pooh pooh poor mouth scoff at shoot down shoot full of holes sneer at take a swipe at take down a peg
Belittle antonyms
compliment laud praise increase enlarge overrate upgrade build up exaggerate approve commend flatter overestimate overvalue 
Usage of Belittle in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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