Birth meaning in hindi | Birth ka matlab 

Birth meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Birth 
Usage of Birth: 1: they divorced after the birth of the child 2: She gave birth to a quintuplet. 3: he returned to the land of his birth 4: The mother was deliriously happy at the birth of her baby. 5: They divorced after the birth of the child
They celebrated the birth of their first child
6: After giving birth to a small baby, she spoiled the bed with afterbirth. 7: many men choose to be vasectomized as a form of safe birth control 8: She can not give birth to a young one. She is a sterile. 9: he launched into a long history of the birth of communism, giving credit punctiliously to the work of Marx and Engels 10: We would like to announce the birth of our new baby.
Birth ki paribhasha : indhan ke liye gobar ke sukhaaye hue tukade jo pahale na raha ho, naya prakat hua ho kisi vnsh men utpann garbh men se nikalakar jivan dhaaran karane ki kriya hinduon men manushy samaaj ka vah vibhaag jo pahale pahal karmaanusaar kiya gaya thaa, par pichhe se svabhaavata: janmaanusaar ho gaya

Birth synonyms
delivery childbirth creation bearing travail childbearing labor birthing nascency producing parturition act of god blessed event natality nativity visit from stork origin emergence dawn opening outset dawning source rise genesis onset start commencement fountainhead parentage lineage legacy descent genealogy extraction station ancestry rank strain race status blood background pedigree position breeding stock derivation forebears heritance
Birth antonyms
death ending conclusion finish completion stop 
Usage of Birth in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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