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Blame meaning in hindi

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As noun : अठागुण अपगुण अपराद्धि अभिक्रोश अभिध्यान अरोप अवगनना अववाद अस्त्यान आगस् आदीनव आरोप आर्ति इत्तिहाम उत्तरदायित्व उत्तरदायी ठहराना उपक्रोशन उलछारना् कटु आलोचना करना कारिखी किलाविष किल्विष कुचरचा कुजस कुफर कुलाधि कृफुर खुटपन, खुटपना चिकना घड़ा होना छिछियाना छिद्रता जबाबदेही जरायमपेशा जिम्मावारी जिम्मेदार ठहराना जिम्मेदारी झुँझई टिन्नाफिस्स टुचकारा त्रिदोष थुक्का दोष देना या लगाना दोष देना दोष लगाना या अपराधी ठहराना दोष लगाना दोष दोषी ठहराना धिक्पारुष्य नामधराई निँदरना निंदा करना निंदा निंद्या बिदूखना, बिदूषना बिद्दत भंगील लछण लोही ‡ वकीअत विनीय विरुक्षण व्यधिक्षेप व्यपकर्ष व्यवक्रोशन शालीनीकरण समतिक्रांत सामि हति हिजा हृणिया, हृणीया
Usage of Blame: 1: He took the blame for it 2: he took the blame for it 3: was entirely to blame 4: They put the blame entirely on him. 5: They have to blame themselves for the mess.
The people themselves were not sure of their demands.
6: We shouldnt blame ourselves for what happenned. 7: We were forced to assign the blame to Robert . 8: Please don't blame Jill for it . 9: Don't blame it on me . 10: I'm sorry that John got the blame .
Blame ki paribhasha : chndrama par kaala daag vah karm jisaka phal is lok aur paralok men ashok ho kisi vyakti ya vastu ka doshakathan

Blame synonyms
criticism animadversion reprehension disparagement accusation reprobation arraignment rebuke obloquy tirade castigation charge disapproval attack denunciation invective reproof indictment diatribe complaint attribution slur depreciation censure opposition disfavor reproach incrimination imputation disapprobation remonstrance expostulation reprimand implication repudiation recrimination objurgation inculpation chiding impeachment exprobation culpability onus fault accountability liability guilt burden rap answerability criticize attribute denounce chide knock saddle reprehend reprove frame ascribe disapprove admonish roast impute finger skin upbraid tax blast pass the buck blow the whistle on climb all over denunciate express disapprobation find fault with hold responsible jump all over lay a bad trip on lay to let one have it lower the boom point the finger stick it to jump down one's throat lay at one's door
Blame antonyms
commendation compliment flattery praise exculpation acquittal endorsement health recommendation ratification applause thanks approval sanction harmony peace exoneration retreat exaltation aid benefit blessing help laud exonerate absolve applaud exculpate approve free 
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or intransitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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