Bliss meaning in hindi | Bliss ka matlab 

Bliss meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bliss 
Usage of Bliss: 1: connubial bliss 2: Achieving bliss 3: be at the height of bliss 4: Enjoy the bliss 5: enjoy the bliss of eternal glory 6: In religious language, elected officials, Those who are chosen by God to enjoy the eternal bliss 7: In terms of Devotion, The Banquet of the elect, the banquet of the Lamb, The joy of heavenly bliss 8: In terms of theology, it means who enjoys eternal bliss 9: It reached the highest degree of science, virtue, power, bliss 10: It specifically means, in religious language, Done to escape the damnation of achieving eternal bliss
Bliss ki paribhasha : saur jagat ka ek prasiddh grah jo prathvi ka putr maana jaata hai praphullata ya bhay aadi ke kaaran rongaton ka khad hona bhaagyashaali vyakti prasann ya praphullit karane ki kriya kisi prakaar ke bndhan se chhoot jaana

Bliss synonyms
joy paradise happiness euphoria heaven rapture beatitude gladness felicity blessedness cool gone
Bliss antonyms
sadness sorrow woe grief upset unhappiness depression misery 
Usage of Bliss in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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