Boundary meaning in hindi | Boundary ka matlab 

Boundary meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Boundary 
Usage of Boundary: 1: His boundary abuts the highway. 2: The flight of ball carried it through the boundary with ease. 3: The Southern Ocean differs from the other oceans in that its largest boundary 4: D.C. and helped resolve the boundary between Pennsylvania and New York 5: It forms the entire boundary between Nebraska and Missouri 6: The longer boundary lines are sidelines 7: After a brief stand-off over boundary issues 8: The N1 Western Bypass skirts the eastern boundary of Soweto. 9: If the ball reaches the boundary 10: A very small number of dinosaur fossils have been found above the K–T boundary
Boundary ki paribhasha : kisi tal ke sab or ke baahari kinaare kisi vastu ke vistaar ka antim sira ek avaleh jo jaayaphala, pippali, kaakadasingi aur pushkaramool ko pisakar shahad men milaane se banata hai kisi pradesh ya vastu ke vistaar ka antim sthaan

Boundary synonyms
perimeter barrier borderline frontier confines edge horizon frame circumscription radius verge pale brink borderland ambit end skirt mark terminal periphery hem march environs extent compass precinct beginning outpost circumference terminus mere outline extremity fringe termination margin side bounds limits purlieus abuttals line of demarcation
Boundary antonyms
inside interior middle minimum center opening start 
Usage of Boundary in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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